The country's Pulsar NS 160 is on 4 February

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Suzuki's Cruzer Bike Entrepreneurs announced the prices in the market of Rancon Motorcycles Ltd. Taka 3 lakh 25 thousand taka Recently, prices of the bikes were announced in the Facebook page of Suzuki Bangladesh. The pre-order has started to buy this soon.

Rancon Motorshike Limited said two infrared bikes can be found in color. Customers can also pre-order with 5000 taka for this purchase. Pre-ordered customers will get attractive T-shirts. It can be bought through installments. That's why EMI Facility

Sujuki intruder cruiser bike with 155 cc. It includes 14.5 bhp and 14 nm torque. 5 Speed ​​gear box bike weighing 148 kg The fuel capacity of the masculular fuel tank is 11 liters.

The interesting aspect of the intruder is its headlights. This headlight is designed from the Intruder M1800 model. It uses LED project headlight. Like Zixar, speedometer has been added to the intruder. Its Tail Lights Complete LEDs But the lights of Indic lights are just like the ordinary lamp.

Two exhaust pipes have been added on the right side of the bike. It has a sporty look. Its unique design of Half Chain Cover and Fuel Tanks has made it unique.

Added ABS addition to Dual disc brake-rich bikes. Two wheelers of Alley Rim. There are tubes tires in both wheels. The bike does not have kick starter. There are only shelf sellers.

Sujuki Bangladesh claims 45 kilometer mileage will be available in Intruder. image

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