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Arman Alif's 'criminal' has made a unique record in the history of Bangladesh. The song is spread all over the world through various social media, including viral.

As the first Bangla song, the milestone of 10 million viewers touched on YouTube. Until 16th of July, the viewer of the song was 11 million more than five million! On April 26, the song video was uploaded to the Eagle Music Video Station. Since then viral. In the first 14 days, a million viewers get. The day spread as much as it spread. Before the start of the series with Afghanistan, the Bangladesh Cricket team released the song in the dressing room. Global ranking rose to 60. This song has made the song singer, songwriter and musician Arman Alif The song is heard everywhere in the street here and there.

There is a huge demand for songs in West Bengal and the Middle East countries too. Despite the popularity, a party refuses to recognize the song. The list also includes musicians from the critics.
According to them, 'no matter how viral or hit this song actually is, it does not really qualify to represent Bangladesh in the outside world. If the world recognizes Bangladesh with this song, then it is not good news for Bangladesh! However, singers do not want to listen to this. Said, "I was chatting with friends of Chandravindu on my band in the afternoon of late 017 in the afternoon of 017. Suddenly the melody comes on the head. I used to write talks with tunes. In 15 minutes, the whole song is made. I uploaded the video and uploaded it to my personal channel. Then eagle music offers a new song. The video is redone. I did not think that the song would come so far. I did the song with Entirene along with Birah. Although millions of people love, some people are criticizing the song. I respect everyone's views. "

Why is the song so popular? Arman said, 'I try to sing in simple words. Because listening to listeners is easy to listen to and listen to. They can connect with it quickly. Both of these songs and tunes are very easy. Those who have heard, liked maybe some part of the song matched their life. And someone might have heard about it. That's the artist's worth. ' image

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