One hundred and fifty thousand people will die, because you know, you will be surprised!

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The Chinese Astronaut Station is moving towards the Earth with the truth. The space station could probably break 1 April on Earth. The European Space Agency has said so.

In 2011, China launched the space station named Tiangong-1. The goal was to test docking technology at the space station. China has announced that the space station weighs around 8,000 kilos long ago was abandoned. However, in 2011 and 2012, the Chinese Space Agency sent Dudu to the people. They were successful in the two campaigns.

The European Space Agency reports that Tianjong 1 is now being eaten in the room at a height of 200 kilometers above the surface. Gradually, the height has decreased. It probably will be broken on April 1 in the world. But there is no possibility of endanger civilization. Scientists have given such assurance. The space station will disappear before it reaches the surface with friction with the atmosphere. image

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