Nokia three lakh worth feature phone

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A startup company, called a date company, brought a feature phone at low prices. The model of the phone is Detel de One Tuckie. The phone has an emergency panic button. As a result, customers of this phone can easily get help in trouble.

The new feature phone has been brought to the market by thinking of older people who are visually impaired.

The price of this new feature phone in India is Rs 699.

The company claims the price of this phone is low, the feature phone market will be printed on the Dell D1. And the specialty of this phone must be the phone's Emergency Panic Button. The phone also has dual SIM support, call blacklist, GPRS, digital camera, flash, Bluetooth and FM radio.

The battery of the phone is 1050 mph. Along with the built-in memory, the microSD card can be expanded to 16 GB of the phone's memory. New feature phones also have voice command support.

This feature phone, rich in dedicated music buttons, has a number of languages ​​printed including Bangla. image

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