Android is not iOS-Which is more secure?

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Apple Music currently has a total of 4.8 million. On Wednesday, the company said it has been appointed Vice President of Apple Music and International Content as Oliver Sushar - reports Reuters.

Sushara joined Apple 14 years ago. Susa will work under the supervision of Apple Senior Senior Vice President Eddie Q. And he will look after Apple services outside of the United States. There are also app stores and iTunes.

Susha has been working to establish Apple's services in 155 markets outside the United States. Among them, China, Japan and Latin America have said that Apple

On the other hand Apple Music's main competitor Spitify's premium subscriber number is 7.1 million. In the beginning of this year, the company has named the New York Stock Exchange.

Four million of Apple's music's 4.8 million subscribers pay for the service. And the remaining 80 million customers are using the free trial service, Apple said.

Apple Music and Spyiffs cost 9.99 US dollars per month for music streaming. Students and family planes also leave the plan.

Currently Apple's services include Apple Music, App Store and Icall. These services have a big role in the company's earnings due to slower pace of iPhone sales. Apple services business grew 18 percent in the latest quarter. Apple's revenue of $ 840 million US dollars Analysts thought the revenue would be $ 860 million from the Apple service business in the end. image

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