150 cc new pulsars coming

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Sporting Bike Pulsar of Bajaj, which has ruled the road for 17 years in the country's motorcycle market. Meanwhile, several models of Pulsar came to the market. But the popular version is 150 cc pulsars.

Now the Indian Baajaj planned to update this bike. The company wants to keep attractive watches, consolidate the engine of 150 ccs. Powerful flower forks in the new version. Disk Broke will be there Speed ​​seat will also make it more interesting.

In 2001, Pulsar first came to 150 markets. In a few years there have been several updates in the bikes. But this updated version will be the most interesting and effective. Its changes will be easily visible. Bajaj Automobile has told Indian media that 150 exhaust mufflers will be used in the Pulsar. This will add 180 cs exhaust muffler. It has a brush and a heat shield.

There is also a new footpiece and pedale innovation in the bikes. The new version of Pulsar 150 contains PowerTreine 149 cc. However, the new version of the bikes engine shock will be much less. Its 150 cc cost is Tk 99900 900

Uttara Motors is marketed by importing Bajaj's motorcycle in Bangladesh. There are showrooms in Uttara Motors in different places of the country. image

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