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This is really inspiring art @saarinout ..looks like props of a movie

most times i see some creative art works and i feel like changing my career job and become a full time artist cause some artworks especially paintings drives me WOWing all through the day

but this is one creativity in its Dept taking it from where it all started.

thanks for shearing @saarinout

Wow what a great work of art.


It's from ozora festival ,

One of there arts .

Why does the Nachash get all the blame ?

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Why are they very sad?

This looks so amazing. Is this real wood ?

Wow.Really wonderful photography ..... I always follow you friend Love you

Rad. Hope i get to that level one day.

Cool art.

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Please where did you find this art work? I admire them and wish i can have a physical experience of its collection of how its been made. I want to see for myself.