When the killer is caught in the spider trap

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How do you think about one of these killer insects! If he has a very large size of course we never want to meet this creature. This killer insect is Zelus longipes, one of many other killer insects. However, as cruel as any killer insect he remains a prey for other creatures, this is because every living creature in nature can not be separated from dependence and interaction with fellow creatures.
Actually, living things also often interact with inanimate objects, or fellow animals prey on one another to survive because it has become a food chain process.
Today I see a killer insect that is zelus longipes hanging in the air, he is trapped with a trap made by a spider. I see these insects moving around trying to escape the trap before the trap owner makes these insects into fine dining fresh.
This insect takes a very long time to escape from the spider web, he tried as much as possible by using a horn in front of his head which is used to kill, but this time he used it to cut the cobwebs. After he tried his best he was finally released from the trap and finally fly freely in the air.






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Pictures taken using smartphone camera, Xiaomi Redmi 4X by adding a macro lens.



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