The white one who teases the Orchid Flowers

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Orchid flowers are one of the largest flowering plants with the most species. The species are widespread from the tropics.
Orchid flowers are also one of the most popular ornamental plants. Orchid has many kinds, shapes and also colors that each has its own uniqueness and beauty.
These flowers are plants with a high growth rate. so do not be surprised if then many people who are interested to culture this flower.
Orchid plants are epiphytic, meaning they grow and live by riding on other plants. But there are some orchids that live on the ground, the orchids are in temperate climates. The main characteristic of orchid flower is its bilateral symmetry.
Flowers on the orchid plants compounded, growing from the flower stalk that extends and emerge from the armpits of the leaves. That's why the flowers on orchid plants become the main characteristic to distinguish them from other species.







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