"Kuah Leubue" - A useful taro rod

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Taro or in the language of aceh called leubue while in Latin is called (Colocasia esculenta L., taro or Araceae tribe) is a plant producing tubers are quite important.

Taro is one of the plants that almost all of its parts can be utilized, ranging from tubers, stems, to taro leaves. Tuber and taro leaf has been widely used by the community into a daily snack. But what happens if the taro rod is often discarded it has nutrients and abundant benefits for our bodies.

Trunk of taro or commonly called lompong by the community has a very abundant nutritional content. Taro rods are often cooked by people in Aceh, with spicy spices that make this dish so typical and usually called kuah leubue.

Lompong not only has a high enough nutritional content, but can also be useful for human health. One of them can maintain heart health. Potassium content in lompong can help regulate heartbeat and is one of the important minerals in body fluids.
Lompong also contains a high enough fiber and certainly very good for digestion. Fiber keeps the intestine in order to digest food more optimally and launch food waste from the body. Therefore, lompong can be one of the solutions of digestive problems.
In addition can provide a positive effect for the body, lompong can also help treat wounds outside. Lompong contains a substance called saponin. This compound serves as an antiseptic, usually the general public uses the skin from the lompong to wrap the wound.

These benefits can be obtained when consumed in reasonable doses and not excessive. Utilization of lompong should be considered, because lompong have sap that can cause itching on the skin. However, the itching does not cause harm and can be relieved by washing the itchy skin with soap.






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Kuah yg sangat berselera, sang jampu sikameng njan. Memang nah bereh that sagoe njan, sajian cot uroe yang menggugah selera makan. Sangat gron pak !

Meurapat aju keunoe

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