Carpenter bees [Xylocopa violacea]

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This large black beetle is a carpenter bee. Carpenter bee has very different properties with other beetles, these insects do not live in colonies Most live solitary or individually and this beetle has a reputation as a wood destroyer.
This bee has a size large enough, black body looks shiny, and some of them have a special sign of yellow in the head. Often this sign makes carpenter bee considered a honey bee.
Carpenter Bee Group consists of 500 species spread all over the world. But all belong to the genus Xylocopa. Most of these bees are settling on flowers to get food.
The carpenter bee will dig a big hole in the wood substrate to lay its eggs. This hole will also be an adult honeycomb to treat larvae and collect pollen or pollen and nectar that became food. From a hole that was initially simple, over time will form a complicated tunnel. So, although carpenter bees do not eat wood, its nature is still very damaging. Types of wood commonly attacked itself vary. The damage caused by this beetle is very much felt especially in the village area where the house is made of wood. Soft type wood becomes a penchant for this bee to scrape and stay inside.






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Pictures taken using smartphone camera, Xiaomi Redmi 4X by adding a macro lens.



Unoe yang baek, indah skali di amati dari dekat. Kodak yg sangat menginpirasi pak bos @s2k

Kebetulan nyan.. Jareung tarumpok

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