What is theory?

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I will make a post about the theory.

What is theory? Theory is a set of interconnected parts or variables, definitions, and propositions that present a systematic view of the phenomenon by determining the relationship between variables, by determining the relationship between variables, with the intention of explaining natural phenomena. Labovitz and Hagedorn define theory as the idea of ​​"theoretical thinking" which they define as "determining" how and why variables and relationship statements can be interconnected. ![image]()
The word theory has different meanings in different fields of knowledge depending on the methodology and context of the discussion. In general, theory is an analysis of the relationship between one fact and another in a set of facts. In addition, in contrast to the theorem, theoretical statements are generally only accepted "temporarily" and are not conclusive final statements. This indicates that the theory comes from drawing conclusions that have potential errors, in contrast to drawing conclusions on mathematical proof. ![image]()
While more specifically in social science, there is also social theory. Neuman defines social theory as a system of interconnections of abstractions or ideas that summarize and organize knowledge about the social world. It should be noted that theory is different from ideology, a researcher sometimes biases in distinguishing theory and ideology. There are similarities between the two, but obviously they are different. Theory can be part of ideology, but ideology is not theory. An example is human Aleniation is a theory expressed by Karl Marx, but Marxism or Communism as a whole is an ideology. ![image]()
In science, theory in science means a model or frame of mind that explains natural phenomena or certain social phenomena. Theory is formulated, developed, and evaluated according to the scientific method. Theory is also a hypothesis that has been proven true. Humans build theories to explain, predict, and master certain phenomena (for example, inanimate objects, events in nature, or animal behavior). Often, theory is seen as a model of reality (for example: if a cat meowing means asking for food). A theory forms a generalization of many observations and consists of a collection of ideas that are coherent and interrelated.

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