Full of anxious

in #esteem4 years ago

There are valleys hiding behind hills The hill is hiding behind the forest From a distance I screamed Full of anxious tails fear I'm lonely, cold and hungry Singing softly melodious songs A solid heart wall shakes Feeling sad tired of waiting for you

After all these years
Now is the day that I have been waiting for
This is my hand wide open for you
Come here, come and come closer to me

I am currently blaming the reasons
To praise you, to flatter you
Quite right if you're abandoned
God is good, choose you and send him for me

Ask you to me, woman
What do you think I am?
Then the soothing word was tenderly spoken
You are not created for someone
Rather to fear God and become my imam

The sentence sounded like a poem from heaven
Now I do not hesitate in my doubts
Right you are the Goddess of the Sower of love
Present as my perfection in the universe

If only there were more noble words of love
If only there was a greater word of affection
It is certainly you who deserve it
Come here and let me be your priest.

# @ronall

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