Coral Reef

in #esteem2 years ago

Life is a choice.

Sometimes between hope and reality doesn't work the way we want. And, only certain people are able to pass it well.
So who are they?

They are tough and unyielding people. They realize that life is full of struggle. Look at how the stone stands up against the crashing waves, but still strong it never falters facing the test of life.

Be like them, ocean coral.

The problem of unlimited life always comes and goes. But we need to know that every problem has a solution. It's just that God wants to see how strong we face the test as His servants. So, therefore, we cannot give up, let alone despair. Stay firm and strong in the face of the exam.

Then, how should we behave when facing an exam?

Rest assured God will provide ease in all problems. And stay strong like a rock.

Have a nice day, my friend.🙏

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Article by @Roman-Sabil!