Vegetables pliek typical aceh loss if not Mensnya

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Vegetables typical aceh really good. If not to Aceh. Eating vegetables is a big loss. All of these units are mixed with a typical plaque of Aceh

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Kuah Pliek ue (typical Aceh Gulai cuisine)
Kuah Pliek ue (typical Aceh Gulai cuisine)
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Note: Sauce Plik ue more delicious eaten with side dishes Salted egg and ... more
Nurul Hd Nurul Hd
15 servings
Softened seasoning:
7 Siung Bawang Merah
3 Garlic Cloves
7 pcs of Red Chilli
20 bh Cabe Rawit (Appropriate taste, if like spicy add again)
1 Inches Ginger
1 1/2 tsp Coriander
1/4 teaspoon cumin
To taste Pepper
Sufficient turmeric
1 teaspoon red pepper powder
2 Sdm Coconut
3 tablespoons Patarana / Plik Ue (Suitable for Selera)
1 inch Galangal (digeprek)
The Chopped Material:
3 btg Serai Cincai as smooth as possible
6 Orange Leaf Sheets
2 pcs Flower Kencong / Kala Chopped
Curry leaves / Oen teumurui chopped fine.
1/4 Kg Young Jackfruit (Cat Eye) Cut Small2
4 bunches of small chopped Melinjo leaves
1 ounce of young Melinjo fruit
1 Bh heart of Banana
Kates Muda / Mengkal (small pieces / the size of jackfruit)
1 Ounces of Peanuts Length Size 1/2 Inches
5 Chilli Bh Green cut in small pieces
1/4 kg of Small Shrimp, clean it
2 Bh Coconut
1 Kg Sumpil / Cue
to taste salt
to taste Water
70 minutes
Jackfruit, Sumpil, Finely spice, finely chopped material, Salt and add a little boiled water for a moment so that the seasoning pervasive.

Add the Banana Heart in the stew, stir and wait until it boils.

After Jackfruit and heart banana soft, add liquid milk, stirred until boiling. then add melinjo and green chillies. then add the coconut starch stirring constantly until boiling. after that add shrimp, leaf melinjo, and long beans that have been cut. stirred..

After boiling add kates that have been cut td tnggu until boiling and turn off the fire. sauce plik ue ready to serve ..

  • for the heart of banana Clean, take part in / soft, wash, soak with salt, 1 minute then wash clean
  • For coconut Take Santannya, Take and Separate between coconut milk starch and coconut milk.
  • for cue / sumpil if any and likes add, cut the tip, wash it clean, add salt, soak, 1 minute then wash clean

This pliek sauce really tastes different with other regional pliek sauce

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