The weak are oppressed, the strong stepping on

in esteem •  9 months ago

Before I joined steemit I heard it was so easy to find dollars in steemit. And I had time to think if we all in this steemit aka help each other in providing voice between each other. But after I joined there was a bit of disappointment that arose. It turns out what I think all this time is all bullshit. There is no such thing as unity in steemit, there is no such thing as helping each other in steemit, there is no such thing as mutual support in steemit. Everything is just empty, they just support each other only. The weak continue strong weak will continue strong. That's what's happening in steemit. They make a variety of communities, by selling the name of the dukangan. But in fact after we join them all will be busy looking at our strength. if our strength is high, everything is busy giving support and comments. But otherwise if our strength is low, we are ignored in the eyes of one eye. Steemit wheel is almost the same thing with the government toda that is happening in Aceh.


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