Protesting Esteem app performance

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Esteem's recent behavior has made me lazy to post, I do not know what really happened. Some Esteem app users ask why @good-karma, @esteemapp, @feruz, etc no longer provide automatic VOTE to the Esteem app users.

I myself am also confused by this situation. If you all know, all users are not very good at knowing all the information. Hope you see their works. I rate only the closest people @good-karma who receive VOTE every day.

I have never experienced anything like this before. If indeed @good-karma has a subordinate to check or his helpers hope to open your eyes, do not you think of personal needs. They use the Esteem app because they expect to receive automated VOTE from the app owner, myself included.

I am making this post ready to accept any risk, including being removed from @good-karma range, or deleted from the box. Hopefully you all understand with all my words, please convey my complaint to @good-karma, @esteemapp, etc.

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I totally agree with your words, I feel the same, @good-karma is not as professional as before, I am really disappointed...

I hope many users will delete the Esteem app. I will invite them.

  ·  last year (edited)

I am also experiencing the same thing, it seems eSteem spirit (awards) has started to fade in the past few weeks, and I see like there is some sort of recommendation by certain people to get an upvote from @good-karma.

I will not say no.

you said the right thing about this info ... they have made it wrong and adverse the people in the interest of personal, this makes many disappointed with esteem.

I'm not saying no. Many people are disappointed.

I also feel the same, I feel disappointed using this application, because this application only benefits the owner

Upvote trail n resteem

I agree, and I support your opinion.
The performance of eSteem applications is not what it used to be.
I dare say everyone is disappointed with the performance of eSteem applications.

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Already logged in again @good-karma, I have 2 months more not signed @good-karma, hana meutatuoh peugah pih nyoe le

  ·  last year (edited)

Revoke keudeeh esteemaap nyan, menyou na watee ci neu lop bak steemd maseng-maseng

Ci neukalon dumna jai ka sbd drou neuh ji cok lee @good-karma ji jok ke ma jih #esteemap, nyou pat na lon screen shot bacut bak steemd drou neuh
Nyan barou peukara rewards dari komentar,golom ta bahas peukara bagi hasee bak curation rewards, Ikee ka ku piyouh meunyou neu pateeh kee, jak ta piyouh saban-saban