Benefits of fruit kedondong

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Hello good afternoon all. In our daily life we ​​even often mengkosumsi the name of his fruit kedongdong.

Kedondong fruit or dondong "Spondias dulcis" which tastes sweet acid is much preferred, especially for made rujak or sweets. Even in the business world, the fruit kedondong also digemangkan and made various forms of other processed foods, such as jam or dodol. Benefits of fruit kedondong was quite large, especially from the content of good nutrition for the body.

The main content contained in the fruit kedondong is the element of sugar in the form of sucrose which is important as a booster of energy and vitality of the body. Likewise with the content and water is high enough useful in digestion and prevent dehydration. Besides the benefits of other fruit kedondong is from low fat content, so this fruit is suitable as a refreshing diet snack foods. Moreover, the carbohydrate and protein content is also low. In addition, there are also some people who use the fruit kedondong to treat and overcome the burn wounds.





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