Dinner with boyfriend Menu Lamb Shakshouka

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A variety of dishes that are served change at the end of each week, depending on the results of organic farming which are available in each season, and obviously what was going to be cooked by Executive Chef, Anthony Yeoh. Each plate served a la minute, without preparation first, which is the best way to prevent the occurrence of various errors that often occur where You eat too a lot of particular menu that is too full and didn't have the opportunity to taste a variety of menu other.

Menu Lamb Shakshouka served in a pan and completely filled with pieces of meat roast lamb, baked egg and tomato sauce in the portion of the excess. Different with Scrambled Egg and Mushrooms which comes with thick slabs of halloumi cheese which is salty that provide the sensation of eating nan unique as well as Artichokes Fried Chicken (coated with lemon honey sauce) and soaked in a marinade for several hours before being fried until crisp and golden yellow.

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