How to make nodols......

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How to cook noodles?

Take a bowl of water ... Put it in the oven ...
Instant Maggi / Coca-Cola Noodles, when the water is hot in the water
When the puffed rice gets boiled, turn it on
Cut the vegetables and other vegetables from cauliflower, potato, peas and so on
Sprinkle chillies, onion and oil with oil, then pour boiled noodles, give moderate water, then cover the pan.
Once cooked, break a boiled egg on top or cut it and
make it in such a way

Made delicious noodles
image1. Noodles in a container
Boil it.

  1. Waxed after boiling
    Pour the water down.
  2. Heat the water in another vessel, leave the boiled noodles in boiling water and remove the oven.
  3. Then sprinkle the spices, the noodles soup will be made.
  4. And if the chrysanthemum loves to eat noodles
    Add spice to the water. Noodles will be created. Although it will take two minutes or 10 minutes to make it. In this way
    It will take a little longer but it is safe for health.

looks can add colourful veggies too:)

such lovely

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I like cook. Very god

well i make better than you :D

the deliciousness of crab aceh noodles,

I love noodles!!!...

I like noodle 😉

Good luck for your steam 😉

I am waiting for your support.For me last post 😊

Thank you so much.Good evening 😊

I dont believe you can cook noodles like that... You can learn more from yutub... Hahaha

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Am jealous, how do I partake as well

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