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Main ingredients of Deep Frying: image
5 pieces of meat (sliced ​​width)
2 tbsp sugar (iris)
Cooking oil
Enough water
Required Condiments:
5 cloves of garlic (sliced)
3 onion grains
3 candlenuts
1 teaspoon coriander, roasted
How to Make Empat Chicken Beef Fried and Gurih
How To Make Fried Emporium:
The first step you can do first is to smooth the garlic, pecan and red onion. Then add a little oil.
Once smoothed and oil mixed evenly. Now put the coriander roasted and puree back. The function of smoothing cilantro is to smell more seasoning.
Next, boil the meat that has been cut into the water to boil until it changes color.
After the meat changes color, lift the meat out. While the meat is still hot please pound-tumbu or tumble to relax the meat fibers so that when fried later become easy to tender.
Then mix the herbs with a little water and soak the meat ...

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