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Wet egg noodles (ready to be bought at market) ± 300 gr
Chicken meat 300 gr. Cut the boxes
Mushroom button (can wear canned) ± 150 gr. Cut the mushrooms into 2, or leave them whole. Customize your taste
4 onion leaves. Chopped
Green mustard or caisim. Boil vegetables and drain.
Garlic 6 cloves. Chopped fine
Salted soy sauce 2 tbsp
Black soy sauce 2 tbsp
Fish sauce 1 tbsp
Sesame Oil 1/2 tbsp
Sweet soy sauce 2 tbsp
Salt, sugar, and pepper to taste
Cooking oil
Material for broth:

2 liters of water
Chicken bone 1/2 kg
Salt 1 tsp
1/2 tsp pepper pepper
How to make:

How to make a mushroom chicken topping: sauteed chopped garlic (3 cloves) and green onion. If it is fragrant / brown color, enter the chicken pieces. Saute for ± 1 minute, then add soy sauce (2 tbsp), black soy sauce (2 tbsp), fish sauce (1 tbsp), sesame oil (1/2 tbsp). Stir again until mixed evenly. Insert button mushroom. Give water ± 200 ml to make the season more pervasive and not too dry chicken. Last touch, add ...

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