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Ingredients Necessary To Make The Cheesy Butter Cakes, Typical Home, the Soft and Soft
100 grams of wheat flour image
5 eggs
50 grams of melted butter
100 grams of fine white sugar
1/2 emulsifier tbsp
1/2 teaspoon vanilla powder
How to Make a Cheesy Butter Cookie Butter, Typical Home, Which is Soft and Soft
Tips on Preparing the Main Material:
For the first before making the cake, as good as please select the first time using a glass and measure with a measuring machine, this size should be clear and definite because the size of the ingredients will affect the taste and texture of the cake itself. Thus, if you overeat using flour, then what happens with the dough is a cookie cake that dared. However, if the doses of flour are too small, then the cake will be difficult to inflate.
Well, next is a refined sugar dosage. The dosage above is a moderate sweet dose and common for this portion of the cake this time. However, if you feel the cake you are going to make is too long, it will ...

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