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Life is Magic

Trusting the process of life is the only way to go. Stay in the moment while finding things you resonate with. When you least expect it everything begins to fall into place. Like the beauty of opening a drawer and everything is there.

An allowing of the creative force to flow, a part of this process is not identifying with the past. Most everyone identifies with the past when waking up from a night's sleep.

They get up in the morning and as Dr. Joe Dispenza says, they start remembering who they are, or who they think they are supposed to be.

The familiar reminds them, that is my dog, my coffee mug, the environment begins triggering our past memories.

Dr. Joe teaches to let go of the known and trust the unknown. It will never let us down. The thing to remember is when things start changing go with it.

This can be hard since life can appear to be really bad at the times, but this has to happen to let something new come.

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Turn out life is actually mysteriously beautiful right. Indeed, amidst trial and challenges, I truly believe there is magic in life. :)


thank you for commenting from #steemitbloggers a wonderful group of people. I will visit you today. Nice to meet you.

This is so true @rebeccabe!! And you managed to say something so profound, and so eloquently, in such a short post! Well done :) Love the message!

Thank you @lynncoyle1 for increasing my feeling that the message came through. I appreciate your comments. :)

You're most welcome @rebeccabe; I think you conveyed it very well 😅

Beautiful post about life, you have written, @rebeccabe :) I got very drawn to this statement:

Most everyone identifies with the past when waking up from a night's sleep.

This got me thinking. Life is beautiful and it works its magic by itself. It has a way to bringing awakenings to us and help us come to terms with things.


Thanks for commenting. I agree with you.

I could really resonate with this....I took a deep breath and let your words wash over me .... thank you 😊

Thank you .. makes it worth writing in here.

I like this:

"The familiar reminds them, that is my dog, my coffee mug, the environment begins triggering our past memories."

It's almost 8 a.m. and I'm remembering who I am. :-)


You are right it starts that way.

Great post @rebeccabe :) It make complete sense. To wake up and go through old routines as we know them to be. To step out into the unknown and take that chance. To be in the moment can and usually is a pretty profound experience.

thank you.

Excellent reminder to let the magic happen! It reminds me of what the song (and the philosopher) says, "Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end." Nicely stated, @rebeccabe!

And congrats on the member boost from #steemitbloggers!

I know a boost is exciting. Thanks for your wonderful comment @traciyork.

It totally is! And you're very welcome, @rebeccabe!

Letting go and things will flow through when the time is right.
Great post Rebecca!

Thank you @roselifecoach for your comment. And I agree let it flow.


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Thank YOU #steemitbloggers and @appreciator for your support :)

The golden words. I like it because it is very inspiring and motivating. Thank you @rebeccabe

thank you

I like your reflection, interesting!

thanks :)

Well said.
But I would like to differentiate life with life because life can be sweet as honey sometimes and can fuck us sometime over and over again. But the good thing is that nothing comes to stay. Bad times will end just like good times do.

Excellent point @wa2qr
Can it really ever f**k the real you? I say nothing can ever touch you the awareness. Oh, I know and agree with what the person that you identify with is saying. That is one of the best reasons not to identify with the person you wake up and think you are. haha now this sounds crazy to most everyone.

It does sound crazy to me hun.😋

I know it does. :)

This post is quite simple but great! In life, at the right time everything will just fall in place. So we should be able to let things evolve naturally.

Thanks for sharing this Inspiration!

Thank you for your kind words about the post. It is nice to hear from other #steemitbloggers.

As you say it doesn't always feel magical...but....its always a miracle...especially when one realizes how many thousands of micro scopic interactive systems work within our bodies to alllow us to function as human beings...please look at a blog I wrote entitled "Its All Magic"...thanks for your introspective thoughts.

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