benefits of mango for health.

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fruit mango in front of my home page that now almost can be harvested.


mango fruit with a very delicious meat is proved to have many health benefits. it is because some of the content in it such as sugar, natural fiber, carbohydrates, fats, protein, iron, kalsiun, vitamin A, vitamin C,



below there are several benefits of mango, among others:

1.Prevention of Asthma

Mango fruit may affect the development of asthma risk to be lower.

2.Mengaga Cholesterol Level

Mango fruit has a number of benefits that contain high levels of vitamin C, pectin and fiber will help lower cholesterol levels.

3.Reduce Diabetes

Mango fruit has a low glycemic index so consuming it in a number of rather, will not increase sugar levels.

4.Preventing Heart Disease

Fiber, potassium and vitamins are the ingredients in the whole mango that will help ward off heart disease.