What Society will tell you...

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What Society will tell you... 🗣
👩🏼‍🎓 Go to school and get education.
👔 Get a job and work for a boss 9-5.
⏰ Trade time for money.
💰Money and status are the goals.
❤️ Listen to those you love.
💡Learn from your mistakes.
🏛 Save your money.
🐂 Eat meat and dairy.
📺 Get a big TV.
🗺 Take 1 vacation a year.
🚫 Don't talk to strangers.
🤫 Fit in, and be ”normal”.
👣 Listen on experts that have done nothing.
📰 Read the newspaper, and how bad the economy is.

My advice... 👌🏼

📚 Find mentors and get self education.
💁🏼‍♀️ Work smart will bring you success.
💰Trade money for money.
🌎 Happiness and freedom are the goals.
💗 Do what YOU love and follow your passions.
💭 Learn from other peoples mistakes.
🔃 Invest your money.
🌱 Eat plant based.
📚 Build a library.
✈️ Make your life the vacation.
💸 Your network determines your networth.
💃🏻 Stand out and be yourself.
👂🏼 Listen to those who have the results you want.
📜 Study the great, and you decide your economy.

Observe the masses and do the opposite... If most people are going left, you should probably go right. What everyone is doing is an average action... Be the chess player, not the chess piece... 💯
Credit... Emil


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Thanks to see our life way. Everybody know this mater for go ahead, then thanks for remember this way..

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