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If you see this message, and if you have not read
If you are a fool ..
"Tomorrow we will take a degree ..."

"I know my son ... because I empowered aunt rounds have
The shirt also authorized me ... and my mother, no new coat ... "

"Well, I was not at home ... without having to keep my father would light ...."

"I'm comfortable now ... 0 ှီး a traveler, I can go ..."

Her son was still called his parents do not want to live on selling chicken in the market .... let vociferously လေဖြတ်ပြီး spoke the father Alan thick of events such as this ...
Hard to introduce many friends ..
So lose ... lose face and told her mother ..

"I can never be splashing ... 0 ှီး a traveler into a hall ..
She also will be nothing special demands of ...
Son will be alone ... "

Whereas the mother's long-oriented pain I know
Injury covered the faces smile ..

"Viewers through the cold ... ... son graduate hospital
Right ... I'll go without waiting for the father at home ... "

Her son goes to bed early and satisfied ....

Her mother was asleep on the bed, a male
I had intense smile smile ...

The morning before the mother to eat breakfast
Bachelor has been given more attention than it would take much pains to take care to prevent food light ....

"Breakfast is ready rut ..."

"I no longer friends and restaurant near the school, going to the same appointment ... pupil ..."

"I'm clearly ... Well my son Photos
I want to see ... "

"Yes, unfortunately I talked ..."

So friends son at a mountain restaurant, I see clearly now ... hours to earn issue
I need an hour to eat breakfast because ...
A friend to see who comes alone
Parents and light ... Speak from his friend
Introduced me to his mother ..

"Yes, my mother took my degree has given ...
This is my friend ... "

Introductory friends shaking hands aunt
Handshake greet .. but the string in itself is not getting left hand
I see the guy was a strange string ...

Hen "How do you ... a dog with a bandaged hand, too ..."

So friends 0 boys answered ...

"... My mother is in the market to sell fish ... So Yesterday 0
Sword of the fish hold was applied over night .... The software cuts a fever ... I worried about my long morning recovery ....
They did not yet ... I am forced လာလိုက်တာ ...
Bachelor me that my mother is in the market to reach the venue
They leave school after five 7 sensitization .... So I do not see my mother and father ... "

Hear the words of his friend's boy so much ...

"I ... well ... then they did follow me .... I graduated rulers to commit long chat rooms but also ..."

Exit the motorway Taxi The bus was rented home ...

The idea to open the door track, I saw my mother and father to 0 when I heard that voice in my room ...

"I graduated emotions clicking graduated .... I Hall
Do not go after it, and even more are wearing new barns me ... also offers a new service ... "

"Before returning to the race ...... we barns through pass as the enthusiasm take anymore ... I want to chat away ဟားဟား"

"Yes .... it's not worried ကျူပ် do ...
Her father is a problem ... I never Where I remembered .... lacking
Left alone, you know .... Thank you .... "

"အေးပါကွာ cold .... ...... Well, our son graduates rut ​​..."

The words of a boy or a sharp way ...
In addition to the two parents do not want to call left just
Would you forgive me deaf .....
So the room onto ...

"My father and mother"

"Well degree has been taken too soon ..."

The two parents instead of 0, so do not sit with the new ...
မေးလာရင် while thinking how to cope ...

"Mom and Dad, for MANs enthusiasm .... degree Hall tells .... I also feel there is always ... Please forgive us ...."

The presence of two parents and I paid homage to the five ...
Only two parents 0 မျက်ရည်စတွေနဲ့ to ..............

(Even when parents are working in the world's most underprivileged
They-whoever they are not children ...
For their children, but I'm not doing the tasks you want to ..

Among the world actually irreplaceable
The parent is the number ...
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