Fasting according to the Doctors

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Fasting has a lot of wisdom and benefits for the body, peace of mind, and beauty. When fasting, body organs can rest and billions of cells in the body can gather to survive. Fasting serves as a detoxifier to remove impurities, toxins / toxins from the body, rejuvenate body cells and replace damaged body cells with new ones and to improve hormone function, make healthy skin and increase endurance because humans have the ability natural therapy.
Fasting can make skin fresh, healthy, soft, and radiant. Because, every time the body experiencing energy metabolism, which is a change event of energy contained in nutrients into potential energy in the body. The rest will be stored in the body, kidney cells, skin cells, and eyelids and in the form of fat and glycogen.
Humans have an energy reserve called glycogen. The energy reserves can last for 25 hours. It is this nutrient reserve that at times will be burned into energy, if the body does not get food supply from outside. When fasting, the reserves of energy stored in the organs of the body are released so as to relieve the respiratory organs and storage cells. This event is called cell rejuvenation. By rejuvenating the body's cells, it will be beneficial to enhance the immunity and health of our body and skin. Therefore, people who often fast the skin will look more fresh, healthy, soft, and glowing because the process of cell rejuvenation in the body goes well.
Some Scientists have done some research on fasting among others in brief below,

  1. Allan Cott, MD,
    an expert from America, has gathered the results of observations and research scientists of various countries, and then collect it in a book Why Fast unveil various fasting wisdom, among others: a. To feel better physically and mentally (feeling better physically and mentally). b. To look and feel younger (look and feel younger). c. To clean out the body d. To lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels (lower blood pressure and fat levels e) To get more out of sex (f) To let the body health itself (make a healthy body by itself) g. To relieve tension (relaxes the tension of the soul) h To sharp the senses i To gain control of oneself j.

  2. Dr. Yuri Nikolayev The director of the diet at the Moscow Mental Hospital judged the ability to fast that caused the person to be young, as the greatest discovery of the century. He said: what do you think is the most important discovery in our time? The radioactive watches? Exocet bombs? In my opinion the bigest discovery of our time is the ability to make onself younger phisically, mentally and spiritually through rational fasting. (In your opinion, what is the most important discovery of this century? Radioactive watches? The exosetic bomb? In my opinion, the greatest discovery of this century is the ability of one to keep himself physically, mentally, and spiritually, through a rational fast).

  3. Alvenia M. Fulton,Director of the Healthy Food Institute "Fultonia" in the United States states that fasting is the best way to beautify and beautify women naturally. Fasting produces softness charm and allure. Fasting normalizes the functions of womanhood and reshapes the beauty of the body (fasting is the ladies best beautifier, it brings grace charm and poice, it normalizes female functions and reshapes the body contour).

  4. Riyad Albiby and Ahmed Elkadi said Fasting can boost the immune system or immune system against various diseases. Indicated by an increase in lymph cell function that produces T lymphocytes significantly increases after fasting.

  5. Sulimamisaid that for ailments like diabetes even if Ramadan fasting will not be harmful, it provides many benefits (Sulimami, etc., 1988: 549-552)

  6. Jalal Saour argues that reduced fluids in fasting will lower heart rate or heart work, prevention of blood clots which includes serious causes of heart disease (Jalal, Riyad, 1990)

  7. Muzam MG, Ali MN and Husain argue that fasting is also safe for patients with ulcer disorders in the stomach. The study was conducted by Muzam MG, Ali MN and Husain in observing the effects of Ramadan fasting on stomach acid.

  8. Elson M. Haas MDDirector of the Medical Center of Marin (since 1984) said in fasting (cleansing and detoxification) is part of the trilogy of nutrition, balancing, building (toning). Elson believes that fasting is the missing piece of "missing link" in the diet in the western world. Most people in the west over eat or eat too much, eat with excessive protein, excessive fat too. So he suggested that others begin to organize their food to be more balanced and start fasting, because fasting is useful as: purification, rejuvenation, rest on the digestive organs, anti aging, reducing allergies, weight loss, detoxification, mental and emotional relaxation, poor eating habits become more balanced and more controlled, improve body immunity. and even better if under the supervision of a doctor. Fasting can treat diseases such as influeza, bronchitis, diarrhea, constipation, food allergies, asthma, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, cancer, epilepsy, back pain, mental illness, angina pectoris, heat and insomnia.

  9. Dr. Sabah al-Baqirand friends say that Fasting can reduce the amount of stress-triggering hormones. He was with a team from the King Saud University Medical School Falkutas who studied the hormones prolactin, insulin and cortisol, on seven fasting men as samples. The result is that there are no significant changes in cortisol levels. Prolactin, and insulin. This shows that Ramadan fasting is not a burdensome job, and it does not result in mental or nervous pressures. This experiment shows that the increase occurs in the time difference alone, if on the day of not fasting prolactin experienced the highest increase at 16.00 hours. while in Ramadan it peaked at 9 pm and dropped again to its lowest limit of 04.00. While insulin increases at 16.00, while in the month of Ramadan at 21:00, decreased to the lowest at 16.00. Medium cortisol on a typical day peaked at 09.00, decreased at 21:00, while in Ramadan no significant change.

  10. Dr. Ahmad al-Qadhi, Dr. Riyadh al-Bibabi, and his colleagues in the United States conducted laboratory tests on a number of volunteers who fasted during the month of Ramadan. The results of this study showed a significant positive effect of fasting on the immune system. The functional indicators of lymphocytes are improved by up to tenfold, although the total number of lymphatic cells is unchanged, but the percentage of lymph nodes responsible for protecting the body and against various diseases is the rapid rise of T cells.

  11. Dr. Riyadh Sulaimanand colleagues in 1990 from King Khalid University Hospital, Riyadh Saudi conducted a study on the effect of Ramadan fasting on 47 patients with type 2 diabetes (patients who do not depend on insulin). And some healthy people. The results show that fasting month of Ramadan does not lead to significant weight loss. There is no significant effect on the control of diabetes diabetes among these people. So far, Ramadan fasting is safe for diabetics as far as it is done with the awareness and control of food and medicine.

  12. Dr. Muhammad Muniband their colleagues from Turkey also conducted a study of a hundred Muslim respondents, their blood samples taken before and at the end of Ramadan, to analyze and measure the protein content, total lipids (fat lipids), fatty phosphates, free fatty acids, cholesterol, albumin, globulin, blood sugar, tryglycerol, and other blood-forming agents, and found, among other things that there is a general decline in glucose and tryacyglicerol levels of fasting, partial and mild decrease in body weight, acetone in urine, both in the beginning and end of fasting, because before the fasting of Ramadan, this fact confirms the absence of the formation of ketone substances that are harmful to the body during the Islamic fasting month, With the virtue of fasting,glycogen in the body undergoes rejuvenation, pumping stored fat movement, resulting in increased energy.
    Since ancient times fasting is used as the best treatment as Plato says that fasting is to treat physical and mental pain. Philippus Paracelsus says that "Fasting is the greatest remedy of the physician within!"
    Fasting has been recognized as the greatest healer in tackling disease, even in America there is a fasting center named "Fasting Center International, Inc.", Director Dennis Paulson who has been established since 35 years ago, with patients from 220 countries. Those who recommend Fasting in: (1) weight loss program, (2) removing body toxins, (3) fasting can improve energy, mental health, physical health and most importantly improve quality of life.

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