The story of William Kamkwamba, the African Conqueror of the Wind from Africa

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this is the story of William kamkwamba, boy conqueror wind from Africa - read this book, open my eyes that how lucky I live in Indonesia. Africa is continent paced deficiency, the ground that most of the barren, long dry season, and population majority have fanaticism tribal. there is always a sad story of Africa, whether it was caused by the famine, disease outbreaks, or the war of Inter-ethnic. However, there is always a speck Dew in the middle of the desert. in this book, Dew was named William kamkwamba. a boy Malawi poor living in a small village called masitala, near the city kasungu. drought and crop failure chimanga (corn) in 2002 that hit the country, make it was forced to drop out because of his father has no harvest for sale. crop failure also meant to the famine. in that year, it seems famine killed hundreds of people Malawi. UNICEF estimate there are 46 thousand child Malawi malnutrition. it was William still of 14. since small, William is the boy who have curiosity big on how it works any tool that seen. why fuel can make trucks run, Dinamo make light bike lit, how can save song to CD, what makes the radio give voice? he always ask her father or people who are considered to understand. However, they just know how to use and could not provide answers. finally William find the answer in books in the library of the village. since dropout, he is a lot to spend time in the library. one day, William find picture book windmill, titled 'using energy'. reading the book, he also understand the principle of energy motion and how it works windmill. "wind will play the lath windmill, moving the magnetic in the Dynamo (bike), then create an electric current. if we connect a piece of wire to Dinamo it, we will get a power for various objects, such as light bulbs. no longer need to use the oil lamp who smoke pain in the eyes and stifle. with a windmill, I can read in the evening, instead of sleep at 7 like others in Malawi." thinking simple it finally developing when William realize that the windmill it can also pumping water for irrigation. it is the solution to the problem of drought in Malawi. "if the pump it installed in shallow well near our House, we will be able to harvest twice a year. if all over Malawi innutrition in December and January, we even being harvest corn second time. with that, I will no longer shortage of eating and would not drop out." burned by motivation, William was studied and practice how to create a windmill. limitations of the economic and equipment encourage William to use the materials used were obtained from around the House, places garbage, and kacholoko, ie the accumulation of junk machine, car, and tractor. However, there any component that must be purchased, such as Dinamo bike. to buy, William work ganyu, that physical work paid per hour or per day. he is also very assisted by friends his best friend, Gilbert and Geoffrey. as usual, different people always underestimated. population of around called 'misala', crazy. students schools in the back kacholoko accused him of as penghisapchamba (marijuana). However, father always trust and support his son. when the windmill it stood and completely generate electricity to his House, the people also turned his honor. William successfully. but he did not fast satisfied. various improvement do so that the windmill it can generate electricity larger and more safe. hard work William finally known by Dr. mchazime, who work in the board of education mtta. he invited the mass media famous to come to masitala. Dr. mchazime intend to make the William as an example for the government Malawi and the world, which is an example of gifted children who may be undo drain poverty. not only that, Dr. mchazime who seek to William can continue school continuation. story boy maker windmill it's not stop there. Internet has changed the world a William kamkwamba. an article daily times newspaper Malawi English speaking, which contains the story of William at home, has attracted the attention of Mike McKay, the leader of NGOs American working in Malawi. McKay write about William in his blog, hacktivate. blog read by emeka okafor, entrepreneur and blogger from Nigeria. emeka is also a program director tedglobal 2007, large conference that will be held in Tanzania. he invited William as one of the speaker. after that, the name of William was the known world. getting a lot of people who want to help and also the country. William then scholarship to go to school African leadership Academy in Johannesburg, South Africa. mission of the school is to educate candidates African leaders in the future. now William lecture in Dartmouth college, United States. after college later, William plans to build more windmill in the country. in the middle of a variety of praise and hope given to him, maybe words this is the most memorable by William. when the first he managed to install the light bulbs in living room his home, William told her father, "Mister kamkwamba, this room was formerly so dark and sad on hours like this. now look, you are enjoying electric such as the city!" "Oh," said father with a smile. "I enjoy it more than the city." "because there will be no power outages and you don't need to pay to escom (PLN his Malawi)?" "Yes, that's right," said father. "but also because my son's what makes this power."
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