the story of the first music inventor

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Of the many music we know in this world, do you know and know who is the first music creator in the world ??
It was unexpected, it was a Muslim.
who is he ??

The first music inventor was Al Farabi with the full name of Abu Nasr Muhammad bin Tarkhan bin Uzlag Al Farabi.

He is a music maestro or music expert. He's the one who found the musical notes. He was born in Wasij Village, Transoxiana in 870 AD

In the music world, he is very adept at playing musical instruments and creating various musical instruments and arab music tones that exist to this day.
He is the inventor of musical notes. This finding he wrote in al-Musiq al-Kabir is a great book on music. Book that discusses the basic science of music that has become a music reference for the development of western classical music.
Al-Farabi writes that music can create a feeling of calm and comfort. Music is also capable of affecting morals, controlling emotions, and curing diseases. Like when we are sad or something else, listening to music is the most entertaining thing.
Therefore for al-Farabi music can be a therapeutic tool. Because music is something that emerges from the human heart in capturing beautiful sounds.

Al-Farabi also has several works, among others:

Book of music theory entitled Book of Musiq al - kabir (The great book about music)
Book of Philosophy and Logic
The first social psychology method of "Social Psychology & Model City"
Al-Farabi died in Damascus in 970 AD His body was buried in Bab as-Saghir close to the tomb of Mu'awiyah, the founder of the Ummayyah dynasty

In today's modern era music has been very developed, already various kinds of tones / notes that have developed.