shake flavor

in #esteem3 years ago (edited)

Soil wet ground sharpening
That is, when it comes;
The rainfall runs slowly and slowly

Accompanying, through it anything
Sipping swiftly to every roof
Silence wiped the dark

It is silent, itself flows the river shore canyon up to the edge

Lonely ... passing through the whole side

Moon nan perch on the branch,
Seemed to step on the trail
Ducked down to tap drowsiness
Waiting for the rinai to stop

For you heart to-kiss
Written aligned lines of allegorical poetic
Imagination of feelings of enthusiasm

Keep in mind and understand!

My pray,
"May the park back shady, from the painful and weary weary"
"May flowers return fractured, from tired fret and restlessness"
"May the fruits return sweet, from bitter sour sour and tears".
"May the brightly rejuvenated face, from the gloomy darkness nan menyergah"