An extraordinary story of diabetes.part # 2

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Having more sugar in the blood means that our body cells are not able to eat properly and they are hungry. Thus, the body feels weakness and the brain increases the hunger of the stomach, so the patient eats more. But those extra food-made sugars ... only increase blood sugar levels - do not satisfy cell hunger.

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Think a little deeper. When can not you open a lock? 1) When the key is lost. 2) There is a key, but it is not able to open the lock, because it has been drawn. 3) The key to insert the lock key is stuck with something - for that you can not insert the key.
Diabetes patients have these three problems at the same time - lack of insulin, insulin registrations and insulin receptor blocks. So diabetes treatment is to use different types of medicines and insulin together ... Understand the condition of the patient's body.


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