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I was playing around the crypto world when I came across this website called DogeWorker. It offers cloud mining for dogecoin. It has different packages just like the regular cloud mining but this one has a free cloud mining service for those who haven't decided if they want to invest or not. While they are still in a decision mode they will be earning on the free service.

They have 6 different plans and the first plan is free but you earn 0.25 doge per 3hours. The second is 200 doge and you get 4% per day which gives you 8doge per day. The rest plans are listed below.

What I love about this site is that they have faucets for you to earn more while the free doge worker still mines for you. It has no withdrawal limit but has a fee of 2doge on withdrawals. I will like you to visit the site and see for yourself what I saw.
Register using my referral link

Do remember to read the FAQ so you understand more about the site.


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