eSteem Crypto Art & Design Challenge | Vincent van Pjo - eSteemy Night [Entry #1]

in esteem •  6 months ago

I've never been anything even close to a digital artist or how they are called. I'm really interested in arts and I'm quite active with it, but only as my hobbies. It's drawing, painting, photography and I might also say music. Since the day I got my computer I was really looking forward to creating something with it. But for some reason that feeling faded away during the years. But today I saw @dunsky post. He made me see this challenge post once again and I thought whatever.. I'll try.. You will never improve (In my case - learn) if you don't try it, right? So this is my first creation ever done with computer.

Why I chose Van Gogh's Starry night? Well once I saw this challenge, that painting was the first one that popped to my head, even though I did not plan to participate here. However, this is my masterpiece that I created just for this challenge ( #esteem #esteem-art ) :

Original Painting

Challenge post

Thanks for reading!;)

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Ohhh.. Friend!That looks the same as the original one, you have a big talent and you will admit it soon!Great job!🖤


Yeah, of course:D
Anyway, thanks! And I'm glad you liked it!;D