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ESTEEM IT IS TREE TUESDAY and I did a lot of Digital Drawings
using Public Domain Pictures as resources as my basic ground work


Water colors with Ink - font can be found on Befunky.


Cross Hatch Pencil done in Befunky.


Wash with a Cross Hatch done in Befunky.


Pen and Ink with Cross Hatch done in Befunky.


This is suppose to take on Impressionist look but... I, also. use Water Color and Ink done in Befunky.


Oil and a Wash done in Befunky.


An Under Painting then an Oil done in befunky.


Water Color done in Befunky.


Pen and Ink with Water Color done in Befunky.


Pen and Ink with a Wash done in Befunky.


Water Color in Befunky where I am a subscriber plus member.


cat divider.gif

I had to finish this on Steemit because Esteem wasn't working downloading my artwork.


I put these pictures in public domain so Steemians can use them. E N J O Y !


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Awesome glad you got things working out. I gave that esteem app a try out for first time myself just now. Was not quite sure so I just did the photos over on steemit just to make sure I did not have any issues for my first time use.

Hoping to have more options just in case one way to posting to steemit is not working. Granted would not been a fix for last night. But still I’m tired of not having other options when trying to get things done here!

I really love that edit you did on the bridge with the trees on the end. It looks so inviting to go on an adventure deep into where ever those woods lead you.


Happy Tree Tuesday @pitterpatter, by the way your digital drawings are so beautiful and amazing, thanks for sharing.


You have for that are nicer if trees for us and given me an eyeball on what befunky can do. Superb work as usual.


go friend those pictures are great, greetings: D


all of them came out great specially the fifth one..


great word about esteem nice post.


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