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Exciting news comes back to you a crypto world observer, a platform created for those of you who want to make your world more colorful. Through a book that will take you to the world of the new civilization more imaginative or any factual. As for a quote that without a book, humans do not understand a civilization and without history of desolate, literature dumb, science is becoming paralysis until the traffic-jammed thoughts and speculations. And for those of you lovers of the book iShook is an important platform in the form of the platform to read the e-book instantly gives you access to unlimited expanse of books from various authors. Not only that, the social aspect of iShook allows you to post updates in real time to a new reading and you can also share our thoughts with the community of book-lovers.

Whereas, for those of you who love to write, iShook is a very new approach that platform to support you in the creation of engaging content you can publish directly and was recognized by the readers of your work. For that iShook has been utilizing the vast social media influencers to create the kind of buzz to fulfill your dreams as a writer and reader. And as you know there are more than every second millions of content that can be made to be consumed in a variety of tissues with a limited number of introperabilitas. With this there is a lack of connectivity between the center between the platform and the reader. Also as time goes by more and more individuals are adopting new technologies in growing ecosystem. Via media publishing farmed ingredients online can provide access to your content globally and distributed. To cope with various things such as lack of connectivity between the central platform and you, iShook have been using the blockchain technology.

Own blockchain technology has become a popular commodity in today's digital economy attention, lots of platform use this technology because of its ability to remove such an inflexible pieces on a hosting service and content providers. By using the blockchain technology for you an author content can be pouring your soul and mind more freely into your work through iShook. In addition, iShook has developed a platform in a common application on iOS and Android to conform with social networking and web support to android and iOS 11 + 8.0 +. In addition as for the supporting application i.e. yChat used as medium of communication on ecosystem iShook android.

In addition yChat also developed on iOS 11 + and as for tutorials and webinars to maximize results showed issuing and maker of kontenserta provide best practices to consumers like you. As for the yChatPro application development to support the authors and content developers with a wide range of features. These features include, performance metric on the content analyzed perfectly and has a great involvement to help marketing strategy. As for the tool making of the campaign to show advanced stages of integration on a network token and use case development. Then on the development iShook of the latter, has launched iShook TV Apple TV that potentially to expand the content that is distributed by the iShook ecosystem.

iShook has a token used as means of payment on a platform based on ethereal. Shook is the token iShook with SHK had taken. And if you're new to ICO or never buy crypto, iShook will guide you with effective as starters. While Ico over, you will receive the token you within 4 weeks. The token will only be transferred to your myetherwallet. That's about information regarding the iShook, may be useful and add your insights.

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