Why use bumper instead of back cover in your phone?

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Image of mobile bumper.

Usually two types of covers are available in the market.

  1. Back cover
    2.Flip cover

With the current era, we all now use different models of smart phones. Many of us use back cover to enhance the beauty of the mobile. Again, many people get mobile and try to protect from injury. But it give always negative result.


You will notice that after applying a back cover, your mobile phone is too hot. This is because the cooling system is closed after planting the back cover. So the processor becomes very hot to use for a little time. If the phone was hot then it would not be easy to understand, if you could understand it, then maybe you would have stopped using the mobile in a little bit, so that the temperature is low. But because of the cover it will not solve at all.

You may be surprised to know that the phone call may drop due to the flip cover. It is also surprising but it is true. Because the flip cover magnet can cause of the call drop.

Back cover can not fully protect your phone. Because if the phone fall from high place then there is a chance to break the phone. Buy a mobile with a hard display, then you do not need a back cover. If it fall or drop from high place, it do not break.

Using mobile back cover of the rubber, protects the mobile from spot or dent. But a lot of dust and sand enters the back of the mobile. And the dust make the stains. Once again the plastic back cover make stain on the side of the phone. So what do you understand?

Use a colourful carbon fiber sticker to protect the mobile from the scratch. It can be removed when you need. Using a carbon fiber sticker will help you to easily understand if the phone is hot and protect your mobile from scratch. Use mobile display protector and bumper to protect the phone.

Even if you want to use back cover, it is your personal matter. I was just advised you.

Thanks to all.

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