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. Now ...
The Japanese King Nirohito
At the throne
World's Most Famous Leader
Consultant in Myanmar
Daw Aung San Suu Kyi
It's coming.

    Hey, at the head of your mother
    Are the flowers hungry?

    From her days
    Myanmar is our country
    Is it a historical reconstruction?

    Haha, since her days
    It is high
    The children raised their arms
    Old man
    Hi there ....

    Hey, until she arrives
    With great power
    Dare to be proud
    Looks like it's getting more and more complete.

    Shinzo Abel
    His country is rich ...

    That's it!
    His country has always been
    Success ...

    Donald Trump
    World famous
    Democracy has started since the beginning ...

    The kings of Norway
    Its citizens are governed
    No problem ...

    The Philippines is stable
    His country
    All surrounding departments
    It is under President Darte ...

    You ...
    No longer a queen in our country
    Facing a bunch of bad guys
    Skip all thieves
    Solve all problems
    Put the litter on the head
    It's a challenge to the world
    Everybody wants to be famous
    What doubts are there?

    In the midst of ...
    He is attacking him ...

    The people
    Though he insults him ...

    She did these things
    And what he does
    They paid homage to him.

    Therefore ...
    Stuck in the chest
    To the liver![hcbxt4roqk.jpg](
    They are in love.

#Nany Tintari

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