Benefit's of Tea

in esteem •  5 months ago


Improving the immune system, with daily drinking tea is certainly very good and effective to improve the immune system or immune system so you will be protected from various health problems or illness. Making the heart healthier, through research ever done with regular tea drink every day it can reduce the risk of a person experiencing high cholesterol that affects the health of your heart also become healthier. Maintaining healthy teeth, fluoride and high tea content in tea is very useful to help reduce the formation of tartar so that your teeth become healthier and teehindar from dental diseases and gum disease. Making bones stronger, the amino acid content in tea is useful for the formation of proteins in the body which works for the formation of bone, muscle, skin and hair, as well as vitamin D in tea is beneficial to make stronger bones. Helps to lose weight, if you are on a diet program you should consume tea that is not sugar.

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