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Part of your strategy should include making those solutions available to people everywhere without the need for your physical presence. That’s what’ll make your fame to rise high. That’s what’ll make your name to spread fast. That’s what’ll make you to soar high. That’s what'll make your star to rise quickly and your sun to shine brightly.

That’s why you see that those who publish books, those who record songs, produce thing things and make those things available in the market for those who need them are always rising fast. That’s why singers, speakers, actors, preachers and authors are fast well known around the world. And, they get invited by people to come and perform for them what they see or hear in their books, songs and products that they do. They are asking for more solutions.

So, whatever your knowledge is, whatever your talent is, you must find ways to get it printed or recorded, whether as a readable as in prints like books, a hearable as in audio CDs or soundtracks, or as a watchable or viewable as in videos.

Place them everywhere people can see them. Put your contacts there so people can reach you. Have business cards too that you can give to people wherever you go so they could know what you do and how you can help them. These are things you must do for you to be known.


The more people read, hear or watch what you’ve done, the more people will know you. The more people know you, the more people will need you. The more people need you, the more they will seek you. The more people seek you, the more they will make demands for your services.

The more people demand your services, the more greater number of persons you will be able to serve, help and the more problems you’re able to solve around the world. And, the more you do that, the more you’re known and the higher your star rises and your sun shines forth.

You must be strategic with your knowledge and talents. You must be strategic in your actions in order to rise high. You must be strategic in the way you do what you can do and give the solution you have to people around the world. Strategy brings achievements faster. Strategy brings solution to more people. Strategy brings greater glory to God.

Your strategy must include finding people that can work with you, or people that you can either work for or who can work for you that will help you to be known and do what you can do to help those you can help. You must find a way to assemble a team of people who believe in you and people you believe in that can help you do what you can do, reach those you can help and become what you are destined to be in life.

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