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Hello people its another new day ..

Whatever you do, however you do it, whichever is your field, you must shine in the world in your time. You must make people happy in your own way and bring God glory with your actions. As your sun shines and help people, as your knowledge and talents spread around the world, from one person to another, from one place to another, people's lives are touched, people's lives are changed. And, as that happens, people thank God for your life.

You must find ways to make yourself useful in the world, make your gifts useful to people, and make your life special in your time. You must do everything you need to make your sun shine in the world. You must make sure your light reaches those in darkness, give them solution to their problems.

So, God is glorified as you keep helping people with what He’s given to you to use to help them. God is glorified as you use what you have to fulfil His purpose for your life. It doesn’t matter what you do, where you do it, and who you’re doing it for, whether you’re working in a studio, a hospital, an NGO, an office, or selling something beside the road.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a preacher, a singer, a writer, an artiste, a photographer, a teacher, an event planner, an organiser, a counsellor, a manager, a driver, a producer, an interviewer, a journalist, a fashion designer, a cleaner, a politician, a doctor, an editor, a force man or a helper, whatever you do that makes you use your knowledge and talents to help people will bring God glory.

As long as it makes people happy and fulfils God's purpose in this world, you’re glorifying the Creator, the God of Stars. The Bible says,

“This people have I formed for myself; they shall shew forth my praise.” (Isaiah 43:21, KJV)

Each time you do something that makes people thank and praise God, you’re showing forth God's praise; you’re glorifying God.

Thats definitly the truth and i believe it works.

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