Gaining knowledge

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Therefore, if your knowledge is hidden, your star will be hidden. Your sun will be hidden. If your knowledge is unveiled, your star will start rising. Your sun will start shining. If you stop giving that knowledge to people or using it to help people, your star will stop rising, your sun will stop shining.

If you don’t use the knowledge for a long time, your star that has risen before will go back into hiding, and once it is hidden, it can no longer shine. So, once you stop using your knowledge to help people, your shining sun begins to go dim until it is no longer shining.

So, as you can see, what you do with the knowledge that you have determines how fast your star will rise and how brightly your sun will shine. If you do nothing with it, you’ll get nothing in life.
If you do something with it, you’ll get something from it.
our action determines rising and shining. What you do determines what you get.

But, it must be the right thing in relations to your knowledge. That’s why the first thing you need to do in life in order to rise and shine is to discover your specific knowledge in life.

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