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For you my future husband ...
Inside my heart there is a shame-covered love for you
Growing in my little heart
Be genuine without demanding many conditions from you
Staying gracefully covered with aurat with a Shari'a

For you my future husband ...
This heart loves you very much
Pick me up and take it with you to perfect the sunnah of the apostle
Allow me to accompany your life alive
In order for you to always have a good sense of your faith with my faith

For you my future husband ...
Feels far apart and I wait until time brings us together to live together
My longing with a sense of obedience
Blown feeling that peak wants to have you
Only with my prayer on the Rabbi is always with you
That I really fell in love with you

For you my future husband ...
I love you for my god
Not because of your wealth and establishment
Simple, love and what it is that I want from you
For the love that is interwoven happily filled with blessing

For you my future husband ...
If the creator answers my call to live with you
really happy to spend the rest of my life
You guide this soul that is easily seduced beauty of the carcass of the world
Keep my path straight with sincere love
to survive my life

For you my future husband ...
Pray happiness with an abundance of mercy from the creator
I miss your future husband!

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