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Out of the pyre arose the phoenix.
From the fire, a nation of the mix;
The good, the bad, the rotten,
Smelted from myriad of molten.

Hurray to the furnace!
Its memory, what can replace?
From the splinters does it forge
Into the frame of a living wedge.

So beautiful the scars.
Slowly turning to stars.
Shining brightly in firmaments;
Defiling millions impairments.

Then roars a great giant!
Of Africa so dominant.
Dispersing fragrances abroad,
Taking other nations aboard.

But soon she dispels the ashes,
And the clinging specks she brushes,
Plunges deep into mire,
Leaving consequences so dire.

Away the cloak of colonialism,
For the garb of republicanism.
A setting for tempest;
Its climax, wild wild west.

Intruders from barrack,
Pulls all down with a smack,
And help themselves to the loots,
Stirring hornets' nests with the boots.

The haunting pogrom!
Unhealed by the opium.
From north to south,
Suspicion still the fallout.

The system is federalism;
A cover for fraudralism.
The practice of democracy,
By demons so cracy.

The tool is riggism.
To discard ballotism.
And swindle electorates,
Coercing them for mandates.

How potent the franchise!
Of the people to neutralise
The venomous past wasted generation,
Wasting the best this generation.

If only vote counts!
Even after the recounts.
One wins first count,
Another the recount.

The rape of the ballots
In the hands of the harlots,
Is either free recipe for anarchy
Or sedation for apathy.

Make peaceful change impossible;
And violent revolution inevitable.
The soul yearns for fairness,
Which arms may harness.

How long shall we trivialise
So great a sacrifice?
Paid by our fathers
To live as brothers.

Our fathers were herdsmen,
But not hangmen.
They used their plough,
And not cause row.


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