Cesspool (2)

in #esteem3 years ago

So long the smile of grimace
From stony hard a face
Oblivion of the rage of terror
Unleashed by the reign of horror

The lifeless head landed with a thud
And rolled freely into the mud
Leaving a trail of crimson red blood
And filthy pool turned a bloody flood

Decapitated body fell like a log
In a slow stiff arch like a cog
And rolled for more feet
Leaving thick blood on the street

Oh silence, the catalyst!
Propelling to an ailing cyst
The mouldy smelly fibre woven
Into garment of nation broken

"Give time to do more;
Four more years to heal sore.
Can the dead live again?
Can the lifeless still reign?

A valiant warrior must retreat
When fate tells defeat
And not dance at beat cessation
But bow at loudest ovation

Oh, Lord! Destroy destroyers
And slay all slayers
Save your heroes
From lion's cruel burrows. image


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