Capitalism Will Cut Down the Tree If It Cannot Sell Its Shadow - Karl Marx

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Capitalism will cut down the tree if it can't sell its shadow - Karl Marx

Hi Steemians, today is International Women's Day. Before discussion the topic, first let’s explain what is "International Women’s Day.

---- “International Women's Day

International Women's Day (actually the original name is "International Laboring Women's Day") is a an international day celebrated on 8 March and defined by the United Nations. It is devoted to the development of women's political and social consciousness on the basis of human rights and to the celebration of economic, political and social achievements.

image source Clara Zetkin on the left side and Rosa Luxemburg on the right side

---- History

On March 8, 1857, 40,000 weaving workers in New York City, USA, grew in a textile factory, seeking better working conditions. However, as a result of the police attacking the workers and the workers being locked in the factory, in the fire that followed, 129 workers died because the workers could not escape from the barricades established in front of the factory. Over 10,000 people attended the workers' funeral.

Clara Zetkin, leader of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, at the women's conference (International Socialist Women's Conference) at the 2nd International in Copenhagen, Denmark on 26-27 August 1910, commemorates the "Internationaler Frauentag" of 8 March, commemorating the women workers who died in the textile factory fire on 8 March 1857 (International Women's Day) and the proposal was adopted unanimously.

There was no specific date in the first years, but it was always remembered in the spring. The date was set on March 8th in the 3rd International Women's Conference (3rd International Communist Party Meeting) held in Moscow in 1921. The name was also designated as "World Laboring Women Day". World Women's Day (in those days the name was World Laboring Women Day), which was banned in lots of countries between the first and second World War years, came to the fore with the start of the anniversary in the United States at the end of the 1960s. The United Nations General Assembly agreed on 8th of December 1977 to be called "World Women's Day" on March 8th. In the chapter on the date of the day on the United Nations site, it was not written that the celebration was made to commemorate the workers who died in New York.[1], [2]

---- Let’s discuss the topic.

March 8, aim of the “Internation Laboring Women's Day” is, the rights of the laboring women, the attainment of what is being experienced while being obtained. This day must show that, the rights that laboring women can not have realized that these rights can not be obtained without resistance. This day is one step ahead for laboring women, (also men), to avoid the severe conditions brought by capitalism. This day is not for holy mothers, obedient women, not for decent girls or any feminine but for destroying all them. Women do not want to be special, they want to be equal. They do not need privilege, they want their rights.

Unfortunately, under the feet of capitalism, "International Women's Day" has become a day in which people have to feel special and receive gifts. Do you know why “World Laboring Women's Day” is banned for almost all countries? The reason is its legitimacy. People who are making money with capitalism, do not want to progress this meaningful resistance due to their interest. They changed the name of this pure formation as “International Women's Day”. They created a perception game as “Valentine’s Day”. You can see everywhere,

  • discount coupons,
  • articles about women who are beautiful, fragile etc.
  • Advertisements about women as need to be protected,
  • even religious work into this that each of religion gives most importance to the women. Each religion protects women.

All of them is BULLSHIT. Each of them helps this capitalist order.

Capitalism will cut down the tree if it can't sell its shadow - Karl Marx

---- The second issue;

This post is really nice about the second issue. This is turkish but I want to make a brief description:

NOBODY DOES WHAT WOMEN DO TO WOMEN. This is really important. If you do not solve your problem among yourselves, nobody can help you. You can see that each woman complians each other woman. Women are pulling themselves down. In our culture, we feel too much this issues such as:

  • Moms say their daughter such that, do not do that it is shameful,
  • Women criticize another women such that, what a shame for her et.
  • Moms say their daughter such that, he is a boy, he can do but you cannot do.

Being a woman is hard inside a community but living as a woman inside the women is harder than this.

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