"The elevator is driven in another world

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"The elevator is driven in another world"
This story is all knew. Necessary, but they forget about pull it off? The description should give. ဟုတ်ပြီလား ??

So Event visitors Thanks to all the readers here. What next week's steep unruly dark Do you plan to go further presentations.

OK .. Bloody Marry. And this can not render the Game This game has been out of the Top 20 list. Be sure to tell anyone.

When the world's most densely populated comfortable uncomfortable anymore. So let's live in a different world

"Elevator To Another World (with elevator to another world)"

In this game to tell you the truth found in Korea. There are those who actually arrived having lost ပြန်မလာနိုင်တဲ့ are. That means the system go to enjoy really.

In fact, the elevator and walked through a world tour like no other game. Fathers will be impressed. Let's continue ...

Game containing an active height to 10 did not need a building. If higher good friends. Exactly 10. 10 elevator buttons that did participate. (A button to open and close the door a key player of the black wedge)

By the time did not need to be 12 hours. This means that at midnight to play a more active navigation ဆိုထားတာ that. Do you follow the plant to care for ...

"Game is activated to"

The first Fathers 1 and must be attended from the floor (ground floor). Fathers with nobody can change. Certainly. No one can bring. But if it does not get Game 0 here.

Click to lift No. 4 if they come. Door did not wait to disable itself. I'm more excited to. If 4 to go to the floor, as well as step forward. No. 2 from the elevator floor button.

If 2 go to the floor and go out. In addition, press 6. This means that it is absolutely a step forward.

6 If you received more applications 2. Click on the floor. Do not. Do we say.

  1. Click on the floor to the top floor has received more then 10. If the top floor to the 10th floor, 5th floor click. Anything could match ...

A certain woman fathers coming to the 5th floor fathers into the elevator will be 0, meaning it is being said. Try not to rotate. Fathers arbitrary decrease and become fathers are not expected.

He is, once you have reached 0 1 down to the floor below. Although anything down 1 floor elevator to the 10th floor in a row will go up. If at the same level if you are afraid န့် fathers easily down to the next layer to form prompt.

The game is broken.

If the 1 floor to go down the elevator, then brown. See the next turn. Do not say the words. This game out here.

If you ... If you go to ascend to the 10th floor in a row

Only two choices. I must also stay within the elevator to go outside just left. If you stay within the Messages will be down to the 5th floor. I mean, she will not go out.

If you leave the 10th floor fathers fathers, I want to go to the other world that has just arrived. She along with Fathers. So if we go to the world we will have to see very different things. That things would look bad.


If the final press 1 floor fathers 1 floor down will only want to complete the Game later.

After the 10th floor in a distant lives. Temporarily, and then call the elevator. Now go to the Fathers started the same way as pressing the back and back to her own world.

If 1 Back on the floor from the elevator to check exactly what's leaving. I'll even weeks.

Distinction "other world"

Fathers uncertainties When the snow out of the elevator, we will see a dance floor. Next, find the distance windows. They also mark the position of the cross, it has red.

camera, Smart Phone and what does not work in the material. But some say worked.

The most important problem is that fathers walking distance, the good far outweighs the elevator. Finally, leaving trapped because until it is necessary. Still able to hear what she sounds. If lucky, you can see something.

"It now out of the elevator"

Special restrictions. Do not say the words. Try not to go ...

"Admin experience memorable"

In this game, decided to play in the last 3 years. In remarkable work MCN News FMI Tower should work right. It is a 10-story building now.

Each elevator I was eager to play the game.