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Very important information

Some lady I referred for a bank job in the first week of June got a call this morning to resume work at an Uyo branch of the said commercial bank. She was fortunate to be among the few applicants that were shortlisted from among a large pool of graduates who got interviewed for the jobs.

No, but she won't be resuming! She finally lost the opportunity because of a phone call.

She had received the call in the early hours of today, 10:00am precise. It was from the HR department of the bank.

But she didn't say "hello".
Her first remark when she picked was "who's this?"

Before she got any other reply she added "how did you get my number?"

The HR person goes "Am I speaking to Miss xxxxxxx?"

She felt the question is unnecessary! And she gave her final response.

"Please if you don't want to introduce yourself get out of my phone" that was her final word!

I got a feedback from the HR by 12noon today and I listened to that conversation. Those kinds of phone calls are always recorded for reference purposes.

Aunty lost the job because she lacks Phone Conversations Etiquette! I listened to the recorded version of that conversation.

She lost the job because she believes every unknown male caller is a "chyker".

You see? After all it's not always because HR people are "despicable" as they have been labeled by Nigerians!

Why would a Homosapien answer a phone call like this in the year 2020AD?

Watch out! Your next phone call might be your breakthrough! But your ill-manners could cost you the miracle.

Blessed New Week ahead!💞


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