Riau is one of the water attractions in Nongsa

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Each has its own uniqueness like colorful umbrellas at Bali Lestari Beach in Medan, Watu Payung Beach at Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta, Central Java, to Paku Alaman Beach which is also located in Central Java. While in Riau Islands there is also Dara Sembilan Beach on Merbau Island.

Given the state of Riau that most are islands, there are many natural tourist locations here. Umbrella Beach in Kepulaun Riau is one of water tour in Nongsa, Batam. Like Widarapayung Beach in Kroya near Wetan, this place has a sloping coast where not too many rocks are scattered ,,,,;


Visitors who want to get around can rent a small boat to get around the waters to the middle of the sea. These ships themselves have different stamps according to the size and facilities offered, ranging from the ship written widuri, widaya and some other leased vessels.

The characteristics of the beach in Sumatra itself is different from in Solo, Tangerang, Uluwatu, to places abroad such as the neighboring areas that most of the English language. In this one tourist place, travelers can enjoy the sunset more clearly because of its geographical location facing the sunset.


Located close to the Dabo Singkep Village in Riau Islands this makes the nature tourism becomes more exotic because of the remote, but that's where the beautiful side of this attraction. Here's complete information about the tourist attractions in Riau starting from the address in the map, photos and pictures, to the route ....

Facilities and Accommodation ...
Beach Umbrella is lined with several other sloping coast. When in the Loteng or Central Lombok famous with the same place name but has rocks such as forming an umbrella rock, different from objects in the area Nongsa, because the coast is sloping, white sand without rocks.