products often used to drunk, three factories cough medicine closed

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Nigerian government close the three factories cough medicine forcibly. the cause, drug product issued often used resident for drunk. raw materials cough syrup menganduk kodeine prohibited by the government. as reported by BBC, Wednesday (9/5/2018), the National agency for food and drug administration and control to expose the name of the three factories closed that, in antarnya peace standard Pharmaceuticals, bioraj Pharmaceuticals, and emzor Pharmaceuticals. three factories closed because not willing to work with the inspector the examination. results investigation BBC found the fact that cough medicine the sale in black market and used the youth Nigeria to got the effects overexhausted as incurred of drugs. investigation also reveal if the person-person of the pharmaceutical industry selling drugs that illegally. director nafdac, mojisola adeyeye said that peace standard Pharmaceuticals, three factories has been closed because "refusal to provide documents required as we do inspection." these companies can back operates a time if they showed good faith with being cooperative in the investigation conducted nafdac. earlier, since may 1, nafdac prohibit sales and import syrup cough medicine containing kodeine. the ban issued after the investigation BBC find an executive emzor Pharmaceuticals said if he can sell a million carton syrup overexhausted the black market in a week. emzor denied link them with the black market and claim to have been fired workers in question. bioraj Pharmaceuticals also denied the have errors, and admitted only sell syrup cough medicine legally. similar, peace standard Pharmaceuticals said that they only supply drugs to the seller accredited. syrup cough medicine contains kodeine this actually categorized legal, as long as the patients who need it must include mail a prescription. Senate Nigeria estimated about three million syrup cough medicine kodeine drunk people in the two-state, canoeing and jigawa, for every day.